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whyme363636's Journal
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Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
12:52 pm
the show last night
despite my worries of the pink dots not being my style, i actually rather enjoyed the show.   they are not really my type of music, but they did put on a good show.   i also ran into a handfull of friends and made a few new ones.   yay for trying new things.   ps my girlfriend also enjoyed the show and i was happy to do something thatg would make her happy

Current Mood: awake
Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
6:16 pm
why we do things for each other
tonight i am going to see a band i have never heard of before, despite the fact that they have been around since the early eighties or so. i probably wont even like the band i am told, but i am an open-minded individual despite what everyone says about me.
why you ask am i going to see this band you ask,... the reason is that i have a girlfriend that i love very much and very much want her to be happy. i am willing to risk the altercation of having an evening that i may just entirely regret and loathe just to make her happy. self-punishment you say, nay i say, because she is willing to make similar sacrifices for me as evidenced in the past when she followed me to a concert that i wanted to go to, but that she probably wouldnt like.
i have strayed from my original subject a bit in the fact that recently i have been confronted on the grounds of why am i being so nice, and what alterior motive might i have in store for her. it seems that in her past she has known quite a few people that where if anything less than honest about their true intents, and where only nice to gain what they desired and then left her hurt and feeling used. this has left me in the position of having to win her trust more so than i had expected to. my gripe is not with her as i will go to extremes and endure many trials and tribulations to make her happy as i do indeed feel very deeply for her.
my gripe is with the people that wantonly use and manipulate people to get what they desire with no consideration to the consequences of their actions upon others. unfortunately this has become a big problem in our ever more self centered and materialistic society that places less and less value on hard work and more and more on instant gratification.
a friend should be there for you in all times of need and you for their needs irregardless of personal sacrifice. a true friend will also not let you injure your self in personal sacrifice to others. anything less is not a true friend, and should not be held as one as these selfish creatures have no business reaping the rewards of friendship. it is sad that this nations majority seems to be leaning the way of the self centered ass and away from that of friendship, but all i can do is try to be an example and hope for the best

Current Mood: well be you
Monday, July 10th, 2006
6:50 pm
why do clubs occasionly switch things up without warning. this weakend noc noc had an unanounced burlesque and band show. the bar staff and bouncers didnt even know about it. this was unfortuanate because no one knew they were supposed to dress up or that they wouldnt be able to dance, wich intern caused a large number of people to defect to vogue and mercury. and on the subject of night clubs, why do stodgy homebody breeders feel they have any business trying to make cubbing any harder than it already is. why cant they just sit at home and mind their own business instead of trying to ram their crap down everybody elses throats via legislation.
ps if anybody would ever comment(for #@%$s sake maybe even start a dialogue) then i would probably post more often.

Current Mood: aggravated
Tuesday, May 30th, 2006
4:46 pm
why me
granted it is my birth month, and therefore subject to being the worst month of the year with exception to the weak before and after christmas.
But Please! this has been one hell of a may for me.
lets get started with the beginning of the month when i emptied out the last of my vacation account just to make rent because of this recession that we are currently in. compounded by the fact that because of the unemployment offices backwards and totally un-logical ways, I was then required to go a weak without an unemployment check because it was time to reopen my claim and do the waiting weak all over again. this had one positive out come, as i am finally able to collect the full amount i am owed on an unemployment check, rather than the two thirds of which i was getting. However, if their backward logic prick@#!s had let me just open a brand new claim like they should have when i was laid off in february, I would still have the majority of my tax return and probably all of my vacation account, not to mention, probably not being so impoverished that i am wondering whether or not i will be able to eat next weak or not.
we need to fix the unemployment system and get out of this stupid recession(piss off republicans and mega-corporations that drive our standard of living down and ship all our work over-seas).

On to my not so pleasent birthday, or rather the wake that it left behind(if youre reading this and you are my significant other, know that you are the only thing that kept me from completely breaking down that friday morning and that there is no ill will towards you{thank you my love}). Now to the little gang banger bitch that stole my stereo and left broken glass all over the inside of my car on my birthday. all my hate and anger to you, and i personally hope you have a friend like me that would kick the s*#t out of you and leave your bloody corpse in a dumpster missing all its vital organs to the black market, for stealing someones stereo. car break-ins are a woose crime, and it is my belief that it should be legal to seriously injure anyone caught breaking into a vehicle that is not their own. Make the punishment fir the level of violation that crime cause rather than not even prossecuting these fecal members of society.
By the way if you stole my stereo and you are reading this, know that it will take me many months simply to retint the broken windo, much less repair the dash that your verry unprofesional hands destroyed. not to mention that that stereo is unreplaceable at this time, and is also my favorite one that ive ever owned.

Slightly less unfortuanite, but compoundingly depressing, 2 days after my birthday I dropped my girlfriend off at the air port for a weak and a half trip that neither one of us wanted her to go on. enough on that

later that night i was taken to a prty in burien that i did not want to attend by some at least well meaning friends(thankyou for the thought). but it was in BURIEN!!!!!, and it sucked and i was for all intents and purposes stuck untill they finaly left at my no longer having patience behest.

the rest of the weak went lonely and slowly as i awaited her return, but nothing really happened that weak,... EXCEPT FOR MY CHECK NOT SHOWING UP AND ME BEING BROKE WITH A CAR THAT WAS MISSING A WINDOW.

And not two weaks after the car theft, some drunk a#@!wipe side swipped my car while iwas asleap at my girlfriends house. you pathetic woose, you at least could have left your insurance info or a liscence plate or something. but no, instead you drag your hunk of mairde down the side of my prized posesion and render it completely undrivable, not to mention completely ruining the rest of my month and making it that much harder for me to get reemployed again, as at this point untill i get my car back from the shop i cant go get a dispatch from the union hall. and it is just so ironic that this hapens just as i get to the top of the books and now faced getting rolled right to the back because i cant get down to the hall.

thats enough for now, ive burnt off enough steam for one day, and can just hope next month is better. to anyone reading this(if there is anyone{which i doubt}) good luck to you, and dont pick up my bad luck virus.

Current Mood: pissed off
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006
9:18 pm
went to morbid angel, if you didnt you suck
more later
Sunday, March 19th, 2006
6:05 pm
if only i didnt have weird friends that make me do stuff like live journal, then maybe i could think of something to write.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

i finally started writing music again and am grooving on the results(grindy aggressive, but still fun in a dancable way)
really enjoying the presence of new friends in my life, and i fucking passed my journeymans test
(i r sparky)
i havent made more than one entry yet because lg didnt like my password and i was too busy(slacker) to figure out why.
finally tried sushi(interesting) and ill write something else when i think of it

Current Mood: horny
Wednesday, December 21st, 2005
8:45 pm
nothing realy
good enening seattle,
this is my first live journal posting and i just want to say hi to all my friends(one person sighs waves and says hi back).
if you recognize me please contact me and add me to your friends list.
thats about it for now, i don't have a lot of time so not much of an entry tonight.
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